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Consolidating Solutions
 Even more preprogrammed functions
  Millenium II+ integrates the largest function library on the market, now enhanced with even more functions (high-speed counting, tachometer, PID temperature controller, data storage, etc). In addition, Crouzet can also design functions specific to your requirements.

 More accessories and extensions adapted
 to your applications
  The new Millenium II+ range has been enhanced with accessories and extensions making it easier to communicate with the outside world. From the temperature probe to the GSM modem, Millenium II+ simplifies the design of your automation systems.

 More adaptations for the perfect solution
  Already a strong contender with its extensive high-performance generic range, Crouzet can offer you more by adapting its products to your specific requirements. This fits in perfectly with Crouzet’s global
customisation policy.
Crouzet has the technical expertise to ensure you get the right product to match your exact requirements... at just the right price!



provides a wealth of solutions for your applications.

Automation functions such as timing, counting, supervision, temperature control, backup, etc. are now even easier to manage.

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Real advantages
for your applications !

When it is incorporated in small machines, Millenium II+ brings both greater adaptability and ease of installation.
You can take advantage of its communication capacities and integrate additional functions into your equipment with the greatest of ease.
Building automation
With its preprogrammed function blocks, analogue inputs, and its powerful calendar clock, Millenium II+ makes controlling your installations easy, covering heating, air conditioning, pumping and lighting applications as well as access control (gates, management of safety devices, etc).
Onboard equipment
Available in 12 and 24 VDC, Millenium II+ can be used to automate utility functions on your industrial vehicles.