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Logic ControllersMillenium 3 Logic Controllers
Crouzet's Millenium 3 is newest generation of the Millenium logic controllers. Features include: more memory, largest display on the market, modular design, easy to use programming software, and many of the same features of the Millenium II.
Logic ControllersMillenium II Logic Controllers
Crouzet's Millenium II+ is one of the most powerful Logic Controllers available on the market. Features include: digital and analog inputs, relay outputs up to 8 amps, transistor outputs (digital or PWM), fully user programmable buttons and display, and easy to use programming software.
Solid State RelaysSolid State Relays and Digital I/O Modules
Crouzet offers a wide range of solid state relays designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. From 3 amp PC mount, to our 125 amp GN series state-of-the-art SSR, Crouzet is committed to providing you with the most reliable solid state relay on the market.
Electronic TimersIndustrial Electronic Timers
Crouzet's Chronos 2 is the latest generation of industrial grade timers that feature a new generation of "smart" timers, which can sense input power from 24VAC/DC all the way up to 240VAC. This results in fewer part numbers that can cover a broader performance range.
Control RelaysElectronic Control & Monitoring Relays
Controls, Counters, and Safety relays are the 3 categories listed. It includes our current, voltage, liquid level, and temperature controllers, as well as our phase monitors and safety relays.
C-Lynx Control RelaysC-Lynx Control & Monitoring Relays
New C-Lynx Control products. This includes our newest current, voltage, liquid level and phase monitors.
Crouzet pneumatics are used to control the functions of pneumatically powered process machinery and robotics for industry. Specialized circuits of purpose built logic and stepping elements provide timing, sensing and sequencing of all machine processes.
Motors & FansMotors & Fans
DC, AC Synchronous, Brushless DC, Stepper and Linear Motors. Custom solutions along with, a high quality range of standard motors from 1W up to 200W that can be associated with high output gearboxes to suit your needs. Soon available is our new Motomate: a Programmable Logic micro Controller embedded in a Brushless DC motor.
Switches & SensorsSwitches & Sensors
Crouzet offers a versatile range of snap-action switches with remarkable mechanical durability. These switches are available with a wide range of levers of different sizes / lengths, contact types, connections, etc., to meet your specific requirements. Contact us for a customized solution to your snap switch application. In addition, Crouzet offers a full range of industrial & safety limit switches, along with proximity sensors.
Miscellaneous FilesMiscellaneous Files

Crouzet Logic Controller
Crouzet Logic Controller
Crouzet Solid State Relay
Crouzet Electronic Timers
Crouzet Control Relays
Crouzet C-Lynx Control Relays
Crouzet Pneumatics
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Crouzet Switches and Sensors