Crouzet Voltage Monitors

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MUS / MUSF Series Voltage Monitors
HUL / HUH Series Voltage Monitors
EU Series Voltage Monitors
UR Series Voltage Monitors
SR Series Under Voltage Monitors
Control Relay Accessories


Voltage control monitoring own supply voltage
MUS: over/undervoltage selectable
MUSF: over/undervoltage window
Adjustable time delays
True RMS measurement
AC and DC voltages
Over or undervolate selectable
Measuring range from 0.2 to 600 volts
Latching (memory) function selectable
24 to 240 VAC/DC multi-voltage supply
Two separate product ranges
Monitors under or over voltage(selectable)
Measuring range from 0.2V to 60 volts & 10 to 600 volts
8 Amp SPDT output relay
LED status indicator
Adjustable trip-delay timer
Measuring range from 3.5mA to 100 Amps
Automatic or manual control
Adjustable hysteresis
Adjustable start-up inhibit
LED status indicator
Under voltage relay
5 to 20% hysteresis adjustment
Check its own supply voltage Level
Adjustable threshold
LED status indicator