Crouzet Current Monitors

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MIC Series Current Monitors
HIL / HIH Series Current Monitors
MCI Series Current Monitors
EI Series Current Monitors
IRT / IART Series Current Monitors
Control Relay Accessories


Monitors AC current
Build-in current transformer
Measuring Range from 2 to 20 Amps
Choice of output relay action
True RMS measurement
Monitors AC or DC current
Automatic recognition of AC/DC
Measuring range from 2 mA to 10 Amps
Over or undercurrent selection
Selectable latching (memory) function
Built-in current transformer
Measuring range from 1 Amp to 20 Amps
Compact 17.5mm housing
5A SPST output relay
Fixed trip-delay timer
Three separate product ranges
Monitors under or over current (selectable)
Measuring range from 2mA to 100 Amps
8 Amp SPDT output relay
LED status indicator
Adjustable trip-delay timer
Measuring range from 3.5mA to 100 Amps
Automatic or manual control
Adjustable hysteresis
Adjustable start-up inhibit
LED status indicator